Mass spectrometer with ion trap Agilent Technologies coupled with HPLC


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Mass spectrometer LC-MS Agilent Technologies 6320


MS: resolution < 0.35–4 FWHM (u); ionization methods: ESI, APCI; mass analyzer: trapă ionică; analyzer octapole; MS/MS systems; scanning speed: 800–27,000 u/s; mass range: 50–4000 m/z.
HPLC: quaternary pump, autosampler with automatic injection and thermostate, analysers (UV-Vis, fluorescence, refractive index).

Apllications / Uses

Structural characterization method of organic and organometallic compounds, complexation studies, tandem mass spectrometry MS/MS (e.g. izomer characterization), separation and analysis of complex mixtures of compounds.

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