Glovebox Jacomex P(SYS) with active charcoal filtration module and freezer


Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering
Department of Chemistry
Supramolecular Organic and Organometallic Chemistry Centre
Str. Arany János, nr. 11, RO-400028, Room 269
Phone: 40-264-593833
Contact person: Lect. Dr. Ing. Adrian-A. Someșan, e-mail:


Glovebox Jacomex P(SYS)

Equipment description

Glovebox Jacomex P(SYS) with active charcoal filtration module and freezer: allows the manipulation of air- and moisture-sensitive compounds. Besides the organometalic chemistry, sensitive compounds are used as intermediates in organic chemistry or biochemistry.

Access and utilization

Access to the equipment is free for the interested researchers with a prior appointment at: For ocassional use a trained researcher will be available. For frequent use, the person will be trained how to manipulate the Glovebox.


The schedule is the same as for the employed researchers in the laboratory, from 9 to 17, Monday to Friday.

Apllications / Uses

All the research fields involving the manipulation of air- and moisture-sensitive compounds which are stable in Argon atmosphere. The teaching stuff is also using the equipment from bachelor to PhD level. The equipment is used to get competitive results which allows the publication of scientific papers of high-quality IF > 2. The master students with activities in: inorganic advanced chemistry, organometallic advanced chemistry and supramolecular chemistry, as well as, the bachelor students studying supramolecular chemistry or coordinative and organometallic chemistry have also seen how the equipment is used to prepare their samples.