MBraun MB-Unilab Plus SP Glovebox for Organometallic Chemistry


Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering
Department of Chemistry
Supramolecular Organic and Organometallic Chemistry Centre
Str. Fântânele, nr. 30, Room 8A
Phone: 40-264-593833 / int. 5661
Contact person: Acad. Cristian Silvestru, e-mail: cristian.silvestru@ubbcluj.ro


MBraun MB-Unilab Plus (1450/780) SP Argon 3 Gloves Box for Organometallic Chemistry

Equipment description

MBraun MB-Unilab Plus (1450/780) SP Argon 3 Gloves Box is the newest facility of this type included in the strategic infrastructure of the Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering. It was bought in 2019 and installed in March 2020.


Glovebox with gas purification system for the work under controlled atmosphere with <1 ppm oxygen and moisture. Model: compact system, single sided glovebox, 1.5 user workstation; antechamber installed on right side.
Internal workspace dimensions: 1450 mm (W) x 780 mm (D) x 920 mm (H).
Mini antechamber: Diameter 150 mm, length 400 mm.
Gas purifier: fully automatic 1-filter column gas circulation system for cleaning inert gas and to absorb O2 and H2O.
Working gas: the system can be operated with Nitrogen (N2), Argon (Ar) or Helium (He).
Control unit: PLC - M.Braun with colour touch panel (7").
Automatic box pressure control in adjustable range between -15 to +15 mbar (box can be operated at over- or under pressure). Additional foot switch to change box pressure during operation.
Unit for removal of solvent contaminations (LMF).
MB GS-35 DIN R Freezer, -35 Deg C, left.

Apllications / Uses

Manipulation of air- and moisture-sensitive compounds.