SPIN COATER – MTI – model VTC-50


Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering
Department of Chemistry
Supramolecular Organic and Organometallic Chemistry Centre
Str. Fântânele, nr. 30, Room 63A
Phone: 40-264-593833
Contact person: Prof. Dr. Ion Grosu, e-mail: ion.grosu@ubbcluj.ro


SPIN COATER – MTI – model VTC-50


  • Desktop Spin Coater with a vacuumless chunk that is designed for the quality coating of sol-gel. By using grooved spinning templates to hold samples on the rotating plate, the instrument provides the advantages of cost-effectiveness and ease of maintenance.
  • Digital display with variable speed up to 8000 RPM.
  • Digital control panel with two programmable segments of different spin times (1~60s) and speeds.
  • Aluminum casting case to keep spinning stable.
  • Has a 4" stainless steel spin plate, which can hold one or multiple samples by wax or double-sided tape

Apllications / Uses

• For deposition of uniform thin films/coatings of organic and inorganic materials on various supports.