Newport/Oriel Photovoltaic Characterization System (including an IQE 200B Monochromator)


Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering
Department of Chemistry
Supramolecular Organic and Organometallic Chemistry Centre
Str. Fântânele, nr. 30, Room 63A
Phone: 40-264-593833
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Newport/Oriel Photovoltaic Characterization System (including an IQE 200B Monochromator)


The system is used to measure the electrical performance and opto-electronic properties of solar cells and modules. This facility consists of:

  • IQE 200B Quantum Efficiency Measurement System (to measure Internal Quantum Efficiency (IQE) and quantify External Quantum Efficiency (EQE), for any photovoltaic device; preconfigured and compactly assembled to include integrated light source, monochromator, detectors, electronics, software and computer);
  • Solar Simulator (LCS-100) (to closely simulate the sun’s spectra without a large field of illumination; has a 100 W ozone free xenon lamp to produce a 1.5 x 1.5 inch (38 x 38 mm) collimated beam and provides Class A spectral performance based on current applicable standards at 1 sun output; an integrated variable aperture allows for easy change of output intensity);
  • Height Adjustable Cell Holder, Vacuum Plate, 2x2 through 6x6;
  • PVIV-5A Test Station (runs I-V measurements and calculates critical parameters such as short circuit current (Isc), current density (Jsc), open circuit voltage (Voc), fill factor (ff), maximum output power (Pmax), cell efficiency (η), and other standard photovoltaic cell parameters);
  • Magnetic Electrical Probe Kit with X-Y micro control;
  • Reference Solar Cell and Meter, 2 x 2 cm (calibrated with fused silica window)

Apllications / Uses

• In photovoltaics – e.g. Organic and Inorganic Solar Cells, OLEDs etc.