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Contract: PD 27 / 2020
Project timespan
2020 -- 2022

The main goal of this project is to develop new organometallic alkoxides and siloxides with heavy group 14 elements (Sn, Pb) in low oxidation states. The new organometallic species will be investigated both in solution and in solid-state and their catalytic behavior will be studied. In order to obtain such type of complexes the organic ligands containing oxygen atom/atoms in the pendant arm will be synthesized following standard protocols. The first category of target complexes comprises diaryl tin(II) and lead(II) species with organic pendant-arm ligands having at least one oxygen atom in the side arm or bulky organic fragments able to stabilize the low-valent species. There are two standard routes to generate organotin(II) or organolead(II) alkoxides: (a) starting from an organometallic halide via a salt metathesis reaction with the appropriate potassium or sodium alkoxide (no precedent in the literature data) or (b) using an organometallic amide precursor in a reaction with an alcohol / silanol with facile elimination of hexamethyldisilazane.

Main objectives
Based on the main goal of this project, the following specific objectives (O) will be developed:
(O1) Access to homoleptic stannylenes and plumbylenes supported by oxygen-containing pendant-arm ligands.
(O2) Access to heteroleptic organometallic lead(II) and tin(II) halides and/or amides.
(O3) Heteroleptic organotin(II) and organolead(II) alkoxides and siloxides.
(O4) Investigation of the reactivity, catalytic properties and potential use in materials science of the novel complexes.


Budget chapter (expenses) 2020 (lei) 2021 (lei) 2022 (lei) Total
1 Salaries 28,000 84,000 56,000 168,000
2 Inventory 12,500 13,125 6,273.08 31,898.08
3 Mobility 0 0 6,832.92 6,832.92
4 Overhead 8,100 19,425 12,694 40,219
5 Total 48.,600 116,550 81,800 246,950

Results 2020 - 2022

Summary of the project results September 2020 – August 2022
  • Four C,O-pendant arm proligands were obtained and characterized.
  • New homoleptic diorganolead(II) compounds containg C,O-chelating pendant arm ligands were synthesized and fully characterized both in solution and in solid state.
  • New diplumbane species (R3Pb-PbR3) containg C,O-chelating pendant arm ligands were also isolated and fully characterized both in solution and in solid state.
  • Novel organolead(II) amides were also developed.
  • Their stability and reactivity were investigated.
  1. Diaryllead(II) species stabilized by C,O-chelating ligands
    A.-A. Someșan, R. A. Varga, New. J. Chem., 2022, 46, 20074-20077.
    DOI: 10.1039/D2NJ03796C

  • Novel plumbylenes supported by C,O-chelating ligands
    A.-A. Someșan
    at 29th International Conference on Organometallic Chemistry, Prague, Czech Republic, 17-22 July, 2022 (poster).
  • The yearly scientific reports containing experimental details of unpublished compounds data can be provided for project evaluation purposes only. To obtain copies of these reports please contact Assist. Prof. Dr. Adrian-Alexandru Someșan by e-mail at