Project TE 295 / 2010

Title: Bulky Aryl Groups in Metals Chemistry (Antimony, Bismuth, Nickel, Palladium)

Project time span: 2010 - 2013


The project proposes the use of bulky aryl groups with electron density modified by inductive effects in: (i) the synthesis, structural characterization, and reactivity studies of organoantimony and organobismuth halides, and (ii) the synthesis and structural characterization of some transition metal complexes (Ni, Pd) with α-diimine and isocyanide ligands. The fundamental study in this field aims to obtain unusual species that have not been isolated experimentally yet (free stibinidines and bismuthinidenes), and of some classes of compounds less investigated (organopnictogen compounds with terminal pnictogen-chalcogen bonds, ionic compounds with diorganopnictogen cations, complexes of organopnictogen hydrides). The nickel and palladium complexes with α-diimine and isocyanide ligands have potential applications in olefin polymerization. The project deals with two complementary topics, one with high risk level, in the frontier fundamental studies, and one with a lower risk level, but with proved application potential. The consistency of the project is supported by the usage of the same organic groups to obtain results in two international confirmed and actual research fields.

Planned budget
Budget Chapter 2010 2011 2012 2013 Total
1 Staff Expenses 41.137,00 130.106,00 130.106,00 75.895,00 377.244,00
2 Indirect Expenses 5.671,00 28.411,00 23.510,00 10.590,00 68.182,00
3 Mobilities 0 7.472,78 12.972,93 18.728,44 39.174,15
4 Research Expences 15.574,00 146.527,22 92.027,07 11.271,56 265.399,85
5 First Installment Budget 0 0 0 0 0
Total 62.382,00 312.517,00 258.616,00 116.485,00 750.000,00

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The relevant data obtained in the framework of the TE295 project are listed on the the page Results. Click here to access it.