The Department of Chemistry is one of the three departments of the Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Babes-Bolyai University. Founded in 2012 by the merging of departments focused on different branches of chemistry (analytical, inorganic, biochemistry, organic), the Department gathers around 30 teachers, along with two members of the Romanian Academy, several professors emeritii, young researchers and specialized technical staff. The Department of Chemistry's mission involves the education and training of students at the undergraduate, master, doctorate and postdoctorate levels, as well as the support of pre-university education. The Department includes in its ranks nationwide specialists in several branches of chemistry, starting with the President of the Romanian Academy, Prof. Dr. Ionel Haiduc, and assumes the role of supporting of the most vibrant academic aspirations in Chemistry.

Head of the department: Acad. Dr. Cristian Silvestru, member of the Romanian Academy

Department board:
Prof. Dr. Habil. Tiberiu Frențiu
Prof. Dr. Ion Grosu, corresponding member of the Romanian Academy
Prof. Dr. Habil. Ing. Monica Toşa
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ciprian I. Raț

The Chemistry Doctoral School

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