Research Projects

I gained my research experience working in the field of analytical instrumentation and applications in atomic and molecular spectroscopy. I was involved in a number of instrument design - specifically the optical part – as well as testing and measurement procedures. The most important instruments developed were:

  • Design and testing of a simple and cost-effective multispectral imaging system for reflectance measurement using LED light sources and integrating sphere (2010-2011)
  • Design and testing of a platinum-wire loop microsample system in flame atomization (2005 to present)
  • Instruments and analysis methods used in molecular- and reflectance spectrometry (2005 to present)
  • Design of an original spectrometric system based on atomic fluorescence in medium power capacitively coupled plasma (2005 to present)
  • Design of several original spectrometric systems based on atomic emission in low- and medium power capacitively coupled plasma (1996 to present)
  • Vis Single Beam Spectrophotometer microcontroller driven instrument - project manager (1996)
  • Modular diode array spectrometer - project manager. (1996)
  • Double-Beam Spectrofotometer for Reflectance Measurements first Romanian high performance instrument - project manager (1995)
  • Double-Beam Photometer for Whiteness Measurement (1994)
  • Graphite furnace atomic absorption spectrophotometer (1994).
  • Diode array Refractometer, microprocessor driven instrument - project manager (1989)
  • Double Beam Photometer for automated equipment for chemical analysis (1988).
  • Spectrometer with Inductively Coupled Plasma Torch, the first high performance instrument of this type built in the former socialist countries -project manager (1988).
  • UV-Vis Single Beam Spectrophotometer (1985) and UV-Vis Double Beam Spectrophotometer (1985), first Romanian high performance microprocessor driven instruments
  • Flame photometer, first Romanian built instrument for flame emission spectrometry (1984)

Recent Projects

  • Miniaturized Equipment with Capacitively Coupled Plasma Microtorch and Analytical Technologies for Simultaneous Elemental Determination used in Environment and Foods control (MICROCCP) Contract no. PCCA 176/02.07.2012
  • PNCDI. Optoelectronic equipment and high accuracy, sensitive, inovative method based on non-conventional atomic fluorescence
    spectrometry intended for testing and control of some envinronment factors
     FLUOROSPEC 71019/18.09.2007
  • EXCELENCY RESEARCH PROGRAM  152/2006. Clinical and experimental study of some factors involved in the incidence,
    ethiopathgeny and non invasive treatment of dental color modifications
  • CERES: Measuring system for monitoring of dust and aerosol levels (project-leader). Beneficiary: Research Institute for
    Analytical Instrumentation, Cluj-Napoca.
  • CALIST Nr. 5223/2004 Solar UV Radiation MONITOR (project-leader).
  • MATNANTECH Nr. 179/2003 Microsistem For Detection And Monitorization of Blood Cells 2003-2005, (project-leader).
  • ORIZONT 2000: Multichannel detection system with echelle grating (project-leader). Beneficiary: Research Institute for
    Analytical Instrumentation, Cluj-Napoca.
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