Chemistry, Bachelor's Degree

  • INSTRUMENTAL ANALYSIS course and laboratory work, second year
    Code: CCC 2211
    No. credits: 5
  • ANALYTICAL METHODS OF CONTROL OF PRODUCTS course and laboratory work, third year.
    Code: CCC 3211
    No. credits: 5

Chemical Engineering, Bachelor's Degree

  • ELECTROTECHNICS AND ELECTRONICS course and laboratory work, second and third years
    Code: CEEE 1123, CEEE 2123
    No. credits: 3

Master's Degree

  • Advanced Analytical Chemistry course and laboratory work, first year
    Code: CMT4111
    No. credits: 5

License and Dissertation Work


  • Microprobe analysis with atomic spectrometry methods.
  • Analytical applications of multispectral methods.
  • Food control methods with reflectance spectrometry and analysis of color.
  • Development of samples input methods in microplasma CCP
  • Reduction of spectral interferences by digital methods.
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