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4. R. Barabás, Al. Pop, Cs. Pajzs: Composition of fungicides based on zinc, manganese and iron salts of the N,N-etilen-bis-tiocarbamic acid and the obtaining procedure, no 817, 2009*
5.  R. Barabás, P.S Agachi, Al. Pop: Proceeding and dearseening instalation for potasium carbonate solutions derived from ammonium fabrication in Uhde lines, no 2007 00369/04.06.2007
  Patent requests
  1. R. Barabás, J. Fazakas, Al. Pop, L. Bizo, Binder compozition and obtaining procedure of the construction materials based on wood waste, no. A/00303, 2011
*The patents are based on elements from the technology of hydroxyapatite

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