Preparation, Characterization and Deposition of Apatites as Materials
or Additive Materials to Artificial    Bone Substitute

Project:    CEEX code 5, No.5946/18.09.2006 - project director: Lect. Ph.D. Barabás Réka (UBB
Project duration:     2006-2008
Abstract:     The partially fluorine-substituted hydroxyapatites (FHA) have attracted much attention due   to the extensive findings of partially fluoridated HA in bone and teeth and due to the favourable effect of fluoride on bone growth. The route and conditions under which synthetic FHA is produced will greatly influence its physical and chemical characteristics.
          Preparation of high purity hydroxy-, fluor- and fluorhydroxyapatites by different methods, characterization of them by the most adequate methods and comparison of their properties regarding their possible application as materials or additive materials to bone substitute are the main objectives of the proposal. The quality of HA or FHA coatings depends also on the deposition technology.
          Due to lower costs and temperatures (avoiding decomposition of HA) rod flame spraying could be an alternative deposition technology of HA, as coatings. The study of possible application of rod flame spraying to produce HA or FHA coatings is other major objective of the proposal. Nanosized HA and FHA will be used as ceramic rods for depositions to assure a high quality of coatings.

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