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Welcome to Prof. Radu Silaghi-Dumitrescu's research group page at the Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Babes-Bolyai University. We are an enthusiastic team focused on bioinorganic chemistry - and especially metalloproteins - at UBB since 2006.

We are interested especially in small molecule activation at bioinorganic systems containing transition metals (heme proteins, non-heme iron cobalamin, copper-containing proteins, model systems and others) as well as on oxidative/nitrosative stress especially when pertaining to bioinorganic centers and biologically-relevant free radical chemistry.

We typically employ methods such as UV-vis, EPR, stopped-flow, freeze-quench, molecular biology, protein overexpression and purification, as well as molecular modelling (DFT, semiempirical, molecular dynamics, docking and others).

Meet Our Team

Our main labs are in rooms 56 (stopped-flow, UV-vis, student office), 2 (EPR), and 80 (prof's office) at the Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, UBB, downtown Cluj-Napoca.

11, Arany Janos,RO-400024 Cluj-Napoca; Romania


Fax: +40-264590818; Skype: radu.silaghidumitrescu

Tel: +40-264593833 ext. 5675; Mob: +40-741810819

  • Prof. Radu Silaghi-Dumitrescu
    Prof. Radu Silaghi-Dumitrescu received his PhD degrees from the University of Georgia in Athens, GA, U.S.A. (2004, experimental bioinorganic chemistry) and from the Babeș-Bolyai University in Romania (2005, computational inorganic chemistry). After a postdoctoral stage at the University of Essex (Colchester, England), he returned to the Babeș-Bolyai University in 2007, where he teaches biochemistry, computational chemistry and related subjects, while also serving as president of the Scientific Council (2012-) and director of the Center for University Strategies (2020-).
  • dr. Adrian MV Brânzanic
    Senior Researcher

    Dr. Adrian Brânzanic is a computational chemist with interest in cluster chemistry, bioinorganic centers and materials science.
  • Maria Lehene
    Maria studies reactions of cobalamin and of globins with small-molecule ligands, using UV-vis, stopped-flow, NMR, resonance Raman and fluorescence.
  • Cezara Zăgrean-Tuza
    Cezara's research projects have a focus on EPR spectroscopy but also include UV-vis, stopped-flow, NMR and other methods. Her targets include plant globins, cytochrome P450 and others.
  • Radu Catană
    PhD student
    Radu graduated with a Pharmacy degree in September 2022 and has joined us for a PhD in molecular modeling.
  • Rami Doukeh
    Rami is a lecturer at the Petroleum-Gas University of Ploiești and pursues a second PhD degree in our group, focused on small molecule activation with metal-based catalysts with industrial applications.
  • Oleg Rudenco
    Oleg has graduated his MSc studies working on the reactivity of thiourea dioxide versus biological centers, using UV-vis, NMR and DFT calculations. He is now working jointly with Prof. Alexandru Lupan on a PhD project involving computational chemistry approaches to cluster chemistry.
  • Szilárd Pesek
    PhD student
    Szilárd teaches chemistry and serves as Principal of the Leőwey Klára high-school in Sighetu Marmației, while also studying for his PhD on computational chemistry applications in biomolecules.
  • Dipa Rani Mohajon
    MSc student
    Dipa has recently joined our group as a student in UBB's MSc programme on Molecular Modeling in Chemistry and Biochemistry.
  • Diana Pleșa
    MSc student
    Diana is an MSc student studying the reactivity of cobalamin with redox reagents.
  • József Simon
    MSc student
    József is wrote his undergraduate diploma paper on the interactions of blood substitute candidates with antioxidants, using spectroscopic methods. He is now pursuing this topic for his MSc dissertation.
  • Sergiu-Raul Cosma
    MSc student
    Raul defended his diploma paper for his BSc studies with DFT computations on the chlorite dismutase mechanism. He is now pursuing his studies for an MSc degree with focus on QM/MM applications.
  • Other students

    A number of other students do occasional internships in our group. We also welcome occasional visitors.
A few of our current research projects:
Blood Substitutes
The blood currently used in transfusions presents problems linked to stability (requiring refrigeration and becoming outdated after about a month), availability (especially under crisis situations, such as major accidents, military situations, or major outbreaks), antigens (blood group compatibility), contamination (AIDS, hepatitis, or agents yet to be identified) or ethics (e.g., Jehovah's witnesses). Blood substitutes are chemical or biochemical preparations aimed at being used in transfusions without the above-mentioned drawbacks and with the sole role of enhancing oxygen transport by the patient's blood (as opposed to the more complex functions that blood normally achieves, such as transport or defense).

There are three classes of blood substitutes currently being debated in the scientific literature. The first two classes represent purely synthetic approaches, while the third is semi synthetic, employing the hemoglobin already produced by living organisms. We have recently added a fourth class of blood substitutes, whose active ingredient is also a protein specialized in oxygen transport, but of non-heme nature: hemerythrin (Hr). Hr employs a binuclear non-heme diferrous center to bind oxygen; the resulting adduct is formally described as Fe(III)-Fe(III)-OOH, i.e. diferric peroxo. This mode of binding oxygen has the remarkable advantage of (1) not featuring a superoxide ligand (unlike Hb), which drastically reduces the reactivity towards NO, and (2) exhibiting stability towards peroxide (unlike Hb).

Anticancer Drugs
Cisplatin and related compounds are known to exert much of their useful therapeutic effects via binding to DNA. The need for more effective drugs as well as the wide range of side-effects (nausea, progressive peripheral sensory neuropathy, fatigue, vomiting, alopecia, hematological suppression, renal damage) have, for several decades now, fueled interest into understanding the complex mechanisms of interaction of cisplatin and related compounds with various biomolecules. One notable observation in this respect has been that platinum can bind to a range of proteins, as demonstrated by elemental analyses, chromatography and mass spectrometry. Our own research, with established as well as with experimental drugs, including natural extracts of various sources, is seeking to investigate the free-radical mechanisms involved in such drug-protein interactions, with purified proteins as well as with intact cells.

Small Molecule Activation at Biological Complexes (high-valent and super-reduced centers; linkage isomerism)
Reduction of nitrite to nitric oxide is essential in certain living species, and has recently been proposed to be an important secondary function of hemoglobin in humans. In vivo, nitrite reduction is accomplished by metalloenzymes, involving direct metal-nitrite coordination. We proposed that linkage nitro/nitrito isomerism is an essential part of the mechanism in copper and in heme d1-containing nitrite reductases. Recent experimental work has also shown involvement of linkage isomerism in catalytic reduction of nitrite by free hemes and related small complexes in solution. This mechanism reconciles the cd1NIR chemistry with the puzzling fact that Fe(III)-NO is kinetically inert and hence cannot possibly be a part of the cd1NIR catalytic cycle.

Proteins such as cytochrome P450 (P450), horseradish peroxidase (HRP), hemoglobin and catalase are all known to bind and/or ruduce (activate) dioxygen at their heme active sites, in the ferrous form. Our interest has been in defining the properties and reactivity of the transient adducts (nature of ferrous-dioxygen bonding, nature of ferric-peroxo interaction, electronic structure and protonation state of ferryl, i.e. Compounds I and II).

We are also pursuing the related reactions of heme systems with sulfide and sulfur oxyanions (e.g., sulfite reductase and sulfhemoglobin chemistry), as well as with halide oxyanions (relevant to myeloperoxidase, chlorite discutase and others). We have more recently extended this line towards other transition metal - containing macrocyclic complexes, such as cobalamin, porphyrazines and phthalocyanines. In such systems, unusual metal oxidation states (e.g., Fe(IV), Fe(I), Fe(0), Co(I)) under physiologically-relevant conditions are a common theme.

Laccase (p-diphenol:dioxygen oxidoreductase), one of the oldest discovered enzymes, contains four copper ions in two active sites and catalyzes a monoelectronic oxidation of substrates such as phenols and their derivatives, or aromatic amines, coupled to a four-electron reduction of dioxygen to water. The catalytic mechanism was studied for decades but is still not completely elucidated, especially in terms of the reduction of dioxygen to water. The high interest in laccases is explained by the large number of biotechnological applications. We have purified and characterized laccase-type enzymes, with interest in their applications as well as in further understanding their mechanisms of action.

Polyoxometalates (POMs) comprise a rich and diverse family of metal-oxygen clusters of the early transition metals in high oxidation states, most commonly V(V), Mo(VI) and W(VI), with unique versatility in terms of shape, polarity, redox potentials, surface charge distribution, acidity, and solubility. We are analyzing iron-substituted POMs in search of features common with/reminiscent of those seen in iron-based redox metalloenzymes.

Molecular Modelling of Biopolymers
We are investigating preferences for various types of secondary structure, and tools for predicting three-dimensional structures in peptides and in other biopolymers, such as polylactic acid and polymers relevant in dental materials.

Natural Extracts
We are examining plant extracts, fungi, food- or drug-related components, or other natural products, for their antioxidant and biological activity (anticancer, etc.), with emphasis on chemical mechanisms of their action.

Cultural Studies
We are also pursuing the application of chemical and biochemical concepts in social/cultural studies.


PhD students

Augustin Moț

Florina Deac (Scurtu)

Cristina Bischin

Izabella Irsai

Mihai Surducan

Amr Attia

Francisco Carrascoza

Luana Radu

Adrian Branzanic

Alina Matei

Undergraduates and MSc

Bianca Caba

Norbert Szabó

Ilinca Igescu

Flavia Oana

Iulia Bercea

Mara Lala

Maria Popa

Catalina Barcaru

Artiom Gaina-Gardiuta

Bogdan Timisag

Iulia Patrascu

Nicoleta Tomoioaga

Bianca Popus

Lavinia Ungureanu

Biborka Boga

Vicentiu Taciuc

Rebeca-Oana Grecu

Karina Malearciuc

Anca Anghel

Alexandra Serban

Alexandra-Domnica Magdici

Madalina Raiu

Diana-Dana Toth

Alina Mircea

Adriana Andonie

Patricia Miclea

Vlad Toma

Anca Farcas

Tünde Evelin Takács

Hilda Timea Pato

Kinga Szabo

Flavia-Luana Radu

Daniela Craciun

Oana Cristina Rus

Camelia Tusan

Flavia Rakoczi

Adela Marina Covaciu

Adrian Ionele

Alexandra Simon

Andreea-Ancuţa Bujdei

Denisa Hathazi

Daniela Cioloboc

Sonia Diana Mahut

Cristina – Izabella Berci

Anetta Vaida

Diana Hotea

Claudia Pasc

Alina M. Crainic

Carmen-Elena Miron

Raluca Florina Mătieş

Ancuta Teodora Tomolea

Bianca Marcela Mureşan

Bernadett-Edina Vitek-Daroczi

Daliana-Camelia Şimon

Cristina Miron

Andreea Bob

Antonela Camelia Botiş

Anamaria Felicia Popa

Camelia Clenci

Ciprian Cosar

Bianca Alexandra Iacob

Anamaria Popa

Bianca Marcela Mureşan

Bernadett Porteka

Gabriela Daniela Contra

Ioana-Alexandra Suciu

Anita Papp

Anamaria Imre

Csongor Matyas

Dorina Lup

Agnes Kozma

Roxana-Viruca Ţolan

Oana Cristina Rus

Mariann-Kinga Arkosi

Cristina Dobie

Oana Zolog

Ioana Andreea Todea

Alina Roman

Stanca Boboia

Anamaria Todea

Ana-Maria Bolfa

Zoltan Kis

Laszlo Ajtai

Irina Ciotlaus

Angela Sas

Liana Tamas

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140. Bischin, Cristina; Ţălu, Ştefan; Silaghi-Dumitrescu, Radu; Ţălu, M.; Giovanzana, S.; Lupaşcu, Carmen Alina. Computerized morphometric assessment of the human red blood cells treated with cisplatin. Annals of the Romanian Society for Cell Biology 2012, XVII(2), 105-110.
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138. Scurtu, Florina; Zolog, Oana; Iacob, Bianca; Silaghi-Dumitrescu, Radu. Hemoglobin-albumin crosslinking with disuccinimidyl suberate (DSS) and/or glutaraldehyde for blood substitutes. Artificial Cells Nanomedicine and Biotechnology, 2014, 42(1), 13-17.
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Scientific books, chapters:
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1. Prejmerean Cristina, Mușat Olga, Moldovan Marioara, Prodan Doina, Silaghi-Dumitrescu Laura, Furtos Gabriel, Trif Marcela, Iovu Horia, Damian Celina Maria, Sarosi LianaCodruta, Boboia Stanca, Colceriu-Burtea Adela Loredana, Silaghi-Dumitrescu Radu Lucian. COMPOZITIE STOMATOLOGICA PENTRU RESTAURAREA ȘI PROFILAXIA CARIEI, RO 127617 B1, 30.03.2016.
2. Prejmerean Cristina, Moldovan Marioara, Prodan Doina, Silaghi-Dumitrescu Laura, Furtos Gabriel, Iovu Horia, Damian Celina Maria, Popescu Violeta, Pascalau Violeta, Sarosi Liana-Codruta, Boboia Stanca, Filip Miuta, Colceriu-Burtea Adela Loredana, Silaghi-Dumitrescu Radu Lucian. MATRICE ORGANICA SI COMPOZIT DE RESTAURARE INDIRECTA PENTRU UTILIZAREA IN STOMATOLOGIE, RO 128800 B1, 30.06.2017.

Vacancies and internships. Join us!
We always welcome students interested in studying and conducting scientific research. The steps below refer to unpaid internships, undergraduate diploma and MSc papers. Paid positions and scholarships are occasionally available (and will be advertised here) – though one should note that they are relatively rare and usually come on a very competitive basis.

1. If possible: talk to somebody already in the group and/or ask people from other groups about what you can expect. Look up the groups web page. Note that membership to the group entails as minimum requirements (1) attendance of weekly group meetings (where you would also have to participate in the discussions, discuss your progress over the past week, and occasionally give presentations), (2) attending, within reasonable limits, the scientific events (conferences, seminars) indicated/recommended in group meetings or in other communications within the group, (3) observe any other rules laid out in the group’s handbook.

2. Schedule a preliminary interview with prof. Radu Silaghi-Dumitrescu – either by stopping by room 80 or by messaging

3. Prepare a motivation letter (at least one A4 page, Times New Roman 12, spaced at 1.5) describing your motivations and expectations regarding your research activity within the group, as well as further context (e.g., future plans)

4. Prepare a short essay (not shorter than 2 pages) expressing your opinions (including any possible criticisms) about the relevance and contributions of science (be they good or bad, small or large) in an event/topic of significant public interest – such as the COVID crisis, pollution, globalization, immigration, global warming, deforestation, vaccination, online culture (e.g., online teaching, social media etc), development of medical drugs, or any other topics (they can also be much narrower than the examples given above). Submit the letter and the essay to and schedule an interview based on these, where decision on acceptance will be made.
The stopped-flow UV-vis facility
A stopped-flow UV-vis with diode array detector as well as monochromator, with freeze-quench capability, and with three-syringe sequential mixing capability (BioLogic, France), is available for use by interested researchers. The instrument is located in room 56 at the Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering @UBB, as part of the Center for Fundamental and Applied Heterochemistry.
  • Details
    The manager of the stopped-flow facility is Prof Radu Silaghi-Dumitrescu. The team of authorized operating personnel includes researchers specialized in analytical chemistry, biochemistry and bioinorganic chemistry: assist. prof. Augustin Moț and PhD students Maria Lehene and Cezara Zăgrean-Tuza.
    The main activities of the facility are research-related. Contract-based services are also welcome. Any interested parts are welcome to approach the laboratory director in order to discuss either line of collaboration. Prices for renting the facility, and/or for providing services, will be subjects of negotiation.
    All BBU personnel may enjoy access to the facility, free of charge – pending a schedule approved by the laboratory director and with the actual measurements being performed by the core personnel. For more extensive collaborations, as well as for contracts/collaborations with third parties, protocols will be negotiated regarding the operator of the instrument, types of experiments and their length, costs, and other aspects.
    Contact: .
    Tel. + 40 264 593833,

    Read more about stopped-flow instruments
Laboratory of EPR spectroscopy
The laboratory’s main objective is research in the field of electron spin resonance/electron paramagnetic resonance. The target is advanced research with applications in materials science, physics, chemistry, biology, medicine, environment – using electron spin resonance / electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR, ESR), including pulsed procedures such as Electron Spin Echo Envelope Modulation (ESEEM), 2D HYperfine Sub-level CORrElation (HYSCORE), ENDOR, PELDOR as well as experiments at variable temperature (liquid nitrogen and helium).

Our team:
Prof. Radu Silaghi-Dumitrescu (chemistry/biochemistry)
Prof. Grigore Damian (physics/biophysics)
Prof. Vasile Miclăuș (chemistry)
Assist. Prof. Augustin Moț (chemistry/biochemistry)
PhD student Cezara Zăgrean-Tuza (biochemistry)
  • Details
    The main activities of the Center are research-related. Contract-based services are also expected. Any interested parts are welcome to approach the laboratory director in order to discuss either line of collaboration.

    All UBB personnel may enjoy access to the facility (ELEXSYS 580 and/or EMXmicro) free of charge with the measurements being performed by the core personnel. For more extensive collaborations, as well as for contracts/collaborations with third parties, protocols will be negotiated regarding the operator of the instrument, types of experiments and their length, costs, and other aspects.

    Radu Silaghi-Dumitrescu
    Grigore Damian,
    Vasile Miclăuș,
    Dr. Augustin Moṭ,
    Read more about EPR spectroscopy
Community/public outreach is something we care about. Here are some of the things we have done about it.

On the role of science in society
An interview on the experience of coming back from the diaspora: PressOne, 2015:
Opinion piece on the public debate regarding nonconform biocides in hospitals from
Hexi Pharma: Romania Curata, 2017:
Take SARS-CoV2 seriously: Adevărul 2020
Political correctness: 2021,
On the undue silence of the Romanian science institutions on scientific topics - COVID and otherwise: 2021,
An analysis of the scientific grounds of the COVID restrictions in Romania: 2021,
On the dismal profile of science in Romanian society: 2021,
On the magnitude of unreported COVID cases in Romania: 2021,
On the strategy of the anti-COVID vaccination campaign in Romania: 2021,
On the undue silence of Romanian universities regarding COVID vaccinationŁ 2021,
A case where chemistry is relevant for foreign politics - Afghanistan: 2021,
Romania at the end of COVID restrictions - what have we done and could we have done more? 2022,
Sign of the times: rising tide of extreme discourse in (and on) Romanian academia on the topic of plagiarism. Whistleblowers under siege: 2022,
Ignoring plagiarism for high officials: Russia has long set the standards. Romania should stop following: 2022,
Can Artificial Intelligence really write scientific papers yet? Not really: 2023,

Public lectures
Two TEDx talks on blood substitute development: and
Measuring the science - on bibliometrics and the Leiden Manifesto:
Metals in living systems:

The uniMIND journal club at Cluj-Napoca
The MIND Foundation is a European non-profit science and education organization that promotes psychedelic research and therapy. Related to this, Prof. Silaghi-Dumitrescu has co-tutored the uniMIND student journal club at Cluj-Napoca; you may watch their meetings online

On pseudoscience
How vaccination campaigns gone wrong can now fuel COVID conspiracy theories: 2021,
On some not-so-scientifically-grounded myths regarding healthy living: 2021,
UBB's manifesto against pseudo-therapies and pseudoscience:
Do Romanians really have an unusual history of killing their leaders? Matricea Românească, 2018,
Measuring pseudoscience in Romanian mass-media:
What to do about overhyped advertisements regarding food and vityamin/mineral supplements?

Our research in the news
Our blood substitute project has received some attention in the news - though most such reports were arguably in extensive breach of professional ethics by the respective journalists. Here is a somewhat more accurate report:
Our report on the cobalamin reaction with hydrogen peroxide:
Our report on the Dyes and Pigments paper:
Our report on the iodine-starch reaction:
10.03.2023 - Can AI really write scientific papers yet? Not really - comment from prof. Radu Silaghi-Dumitrescu:

10.03.2023 - Four new papers from our group - Versatility of thiourea dioxide as redox agent in globins: case study with myoglobin @ Inorganica Chimica Acta, Glutaraldehyde-polymerized hemerythrin: evaluation of performance as an oxygen carrier in hemorrhage models @ Bioinorganic Chemistry and Applications, On the origin of the blue color in the iodine / iodide / starch supramolecular complex @ Molecules, Polylactic acid inter-chain interactions @ Studia Universitatis Babes-Bolyai Seria Chemia.

1.03.2023 - Cezara Zăgrean-Tuza starts a 4-month Erasmus research stage at the University of Osnabrück

4-7.10.2022 - group trip to the the 36th National Chemistry Conference of the Romanian Chemical Society - the program includes a plenary presentation by prof. Silaghi-Dumitrescu, oral presentation by Cezara Zagrean-Tuza and posters by Maria Lehene, Rami Doukeh and Szilárd Pesek - talking about cobalamin, plant globins, nitrogen activation by nitrogenase, and the iodine-starch reaction.

3.10.2022 - The MolMod Lecture series at UBB is launched - follow our contributions at

29.09.2022 - Ignoring plagiarism for high officials: Russia has long set the standards. Romania should stop following - comment from prof. Silaghi-Dumitrescu:

21.09.2022 - The hype around food and vitamin/mineral supplements: enough is enough - but how exactly do we go forward? - comment from prof. Silaghi-Dumitrescu:

10.09.2022 - Wonderful 18th Central European Symposium on Theoretical Chemistry in Hungary. Invited lecture by prof Silaghi-Dumitrescu - "Spectral simulations for bioinorganic centers: in the eye of the beholder"

22.07.2022 - Our team attended the 16th European Biological Inorganic Chemistry Conference (EuroBIC 16) - with Radu Silaghi-Dumitrescu, Adrian MV Brânzanic, Maria Lehene, Cezara Zagrean-Tuza and Artiom Gaina-Gardiuta - talking about cobalamin, plant globins and sulfite reductases. Great meeting - chapeau to the organizers.

23.04.2022 - Our new paper is out - in Dyes and Pigments. Thanks Bianca Stoean, Luiza Gaina, Luminita Silaghi-Dumitrescu and team for the opportunity to contribute. Interesting case where the absorption and fluorescence spectra of phenothiazines are only correctly predicted, to the detail, not by simple TD-DFT calculations but rather by more complex vibronic considerations. In fact, the vibronic components really are the major contributor both in terms of defining the wavelength and in terms of defining the intensity and shape of the signals. Food for thought! The synthesis, and in vitro effect on human ovarian cancer cells are the main topic of the paper - and quite interesting, too:
Learn more
Other resources

The MolMod lectures

The MolMod Lectures are a series of research-informed on-line and/or hybrid tutorials initiated in 2022 and focused on topics related to Molecular Modeling in Chemistry and Biochemistry. This series of lectures is an extension of the homonymous conference series and MSc programme hosted by the Babeș-Bolyai University (UBB) via its Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering since 2007. The expected target will be the students registered for the MolMod MSc programme at UBB, as well as the general audience typically found at the MolMod conference series.

Resources for students

Beginner's hints for preparing your scientific report (Romanian)

Beginner's hints for preparing your dissertation defense "PowerPoint" presentation (Romanian)

Some of our favorite links:

Molecular Modeling in Chemistry and Biochemistry Conference

Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering @UBB

Babeș-Bolyai University

The Scientific Council of the Babeș-Bolyai University

Division of Computational and Theoretical Chemistry (DCTC) @ the European Chemical Society (EuChemS)

PhD News @ UBB

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