Laboratory of Supramolecular Structures

Langmuir-Blodgett Technique


1. Equipment name:


Catalog name of the equipment: KSV 5000
Acquisition date: 2004
Producer: KSV Instruments Ltd. Finland

Equipment type: Strategic equipment


                   KSV 5000

2. Domains of activity:
Thermodynamic approach on molecular and colloidal self-assemblies at fluid interfaces, supramolecular structures, Langmuir-Blodgett (LB) interfacial structures; transfer of LB structures on various solid substrates (LBT). Molecular recognition of biomolecules in thin films of biomedical and biological importance and for life science. Modelling of membrane processes in monolayers and multi-layered structures. Biophysics of drug biomolecules at interfaces. Mimicking of biological processes at fluid interfaces.

3. Technical characteristics:
Surface Pressure Measurements
The deposition of monolayers onto solid substrates with precise control of the monolayer thickness,

   homogeneous deposition of the monolayer over large areas and the possibility to make multilayer structures

   with varying layer composition
The production of so-called alternating layers which consist of two different kinds of amphiphilic molecules

   is also possible, using the double trough
Regular trough and double trough for alternating layers
Surface Potential Measurements

4. Services:
Surface Pressure Measurements:
Wilhelmy plate-method, Dynamic range: 0 to 150 mN/m, Resolution: 4μN/m
Barrier speed: 0,01- 400 mm/min
Kinetics and thermodynamics in monomolecular films

The deposition process:
Langmuir-Blodgett method is used
Deposition speed: 0.1 to 85 mm/min
Maximum number of layers: unlimited
Time of deposition: unlimited
Max size of substrate: 100x100x10 mm (100% immersion)
Optical and structural properties in thin films

Surface Potential Measurements:
Data range: -4/+4 V
Sensibility: 1mV
Response time: 2 secunds
Molecular dipoles oriented at interfaces

5. Contact persons:
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Aurora Mocanu, e-mail: