Project general information

Project: Three Dimensional Printed Capture Materials for Productivity Step-Change - 3D-CAPS
Finaciar support: Romanian National Authority for Scientific Research, CNCS - UEFISCDI; European Commission through ERA-NET ACT programme
Project code: ERA-NET ACT
Contract number: 87/2017
Period: 2017 - 2020


        Step-changes are required to accelerate the introduction of CCS technologies, one of the overall goals of the ERANET ACT program. The project 3D-CAPS targets a productivity increase of an order of magnitude in two sorbent-based technologies for CCS. This will lead to a substantial decrease in overall equipment size and costs. This will be achieved using the latest available techniques for materials production: additive manufacturing, commonly known as 3D-printing.

        The challenge to be addressed in the 3D-CAPS project is to use the latest techniques in material manufacturing to realize an order of magnitude size reduction in comparison to packed-bed for solid sorbent technologies. The project will focus on producing two types of material with the same additive manufacturing technique for a broad range of possible applications: (i) Medium temperature (300-500C), Pressure Swing Adsorption technology using alkali-promoted hydrotalcites; Sorption-Enhanced Water-Gas Shift (SEWGS); suitable as platform technology for syngas processing with CO2 capture, and other acid gases; In this project, Natural Gas Combined Cycle using SEWGS will be targeted, together with decarbonised H2 production for refineries and (ii) Low temperature (40-130C), (Vacuum) Pressure Swing Adsorption Amine-functionalized silicas; Immobilized Amines (ImmoAmmo); suitable as platform technology to replace traditional solvent-based sytems for CO2 removal, and other acid gases; In this project, Natural Gas Combined Cycle post-combustion configuration will be targeted, and decarbonized H2 production via pre-combustion for refineries

Project consortium

  • Energy research Centre of the Netherlands, The Netherlands (ECN)

  • Stiftelsen SINTEF, Norway (SINTEF)

  • Universitatea Babes-Bolyai, Romania (UBB)

  • 3D-cat B.V., The Netherlands (3DCAT)

  • British Petroleum (BP)

  • Aker Solutions, Norway (AKSO)

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