Project objectives

        Chemical looping technologies have enjoyed a great deal of research attention since the turn of the century due to the promise of CO2 capture with minimal energy penalty. In a chemical looping process, an oxygen carrier material (metal oxide) is transported between two or three reactors where it is contacted with different gases. Gas switching differs from chemical looping by keeping the oxygen carrier in a single bubbling/turbulent fluidized bed reactor and alternatively feeding oxidizing and reducing gases. This project will utilize the gas switching principle to investigate four chemical looping concepts:

  • Combustion: A fuel gas is indirectly combusted with inherent separation of N2 and CO2 in order to produce a high temperature gas stream for driving a gas turbine;

  • Reforming: Redox reactions with the oxygen carrier supply heat to the endothermic steam-methane reforming reaction with inherent CO2 capture. This application requires an oxygen carrier material that can also catalyse the reforming reaction;

  • Water splitting: Steam is used to partially oxidize the oxygen carrier, producing hydrogen. Subsequently, the oxygen carrier is fully oxidized by air and reduced by carbon-rich fuel gases with inherent CO2 capture;

  • Oxygen production: An oxygen carrier with oxygen uncoupling properties is used to take up oxygen from air and then release it in a N2-free outlet stream. The resulting stream can then be used for oxyfuel CO2 capture.

  • Project workpackages

  • WP 1: Materials selection, testing and manufacturing (ETH)

  • WP 2: Demonstration of pressurized GSC, GSR, GSWS and GSOP operation (SINTEF)

  • WP 3: Large-scale process simulation of gas switching technology (SINTEF)

  • WP 4: Economic assessments of gas switching technology (UBB)

  • WP 5: Business case (HAYAT)

  • WP 6: Management and dissemination (SINTEF)

  • Project reports (for Romanian team)

  •     Report 2017


  •     Report 2018


  •     Report 2019



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