Facts and Figures

Funding through the World Bank grant BCUM B-14, the National Centre for X-Ray Diffractometry (NCXRD) - Laboratory for Molecular Structure Determinations was established in 2000 at Babeș-Bolyai University, Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, by Prof. Dr. Cristian Silvestru. For the laboratory a Bruker Smart Apex CCD diffractometer was purchased and installed in 2002. At the time it was the first research facility in Romania that provided crystallographic determinations. Since 2003, at NCXRD more than 1000 molecular structures were determined which reported in more than 100 articles.

In 2006 the diffractometer was upgraded low temperature determination of the molecular structure system.

The NCXRD is since 2010 part of the Supramolecular Organic and Organometallic Chemistry Centre (CCSOOM). Since 2016 is included also in the Research Infrastructure in Chemistry and Chemical Engineering - Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering - INFRACHEM -(for additional information see infrastructure direct public Link: http://erris.gov.ro/InfraChem-FCIC).

The objective of NCXRD is to provide access to modern structural investigation methods of inorganic, organic and organometallic compounds, for different scientific groups from our country and all over the world, more precisely single crystal X-ray diffraction method, which allows the determination of molecular structures in solid state.

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