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My basic training is in physics, and I obtained my PhD in analytical chemistry. I have a 28 years research experience in spectroscopy. I am currently an associate professor at the Babes Bolyai University, where I have been teaching instrumental analytical chemistry for the past 13 years and have guided and reviewed numerous student graduation theses and dissertations. My field of research is atomic absorption spectroscopy (AAS), atomic emission spectroscopy (AES), UV-VIS spectrophotometry, and reflectance and color measurement.

Research Interests

  • Analytical atomic and molecular spectrometry
  • Reflectance and color measurements
  • Air-Pollutants measurement and environmental monitoring
  • Design and testing of spectrometric systems

Teaching Experience

Since 1998 I have been teaching at the Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Chair of Analytical Chemistry at the "Babes-Bolyai" University, Cluj-Napoca, Romania.
My courses: Analytical Chemistry (Hungarian language) – undergraduate level; Instrumental Analysis (Hungarian language) – undergraduate level; Electrotechnics and Electronics (Hungarian language) – undergraduate level; Modern Analytical Spectroscopy (Hungarian language) – graduate level.
Also, every year, I have guided and reviewed student graduation theses and dissertations.




Phone: 40-264-593833
darvasi.jeno@gmail.com edarvasi@chem.ubbcluj.ro

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Universitatea Babeş-Bolyai, Facultatea de Chimie şi
Inginerie Chimică,
str. Arany János, nr. 11. 
400028 Cluj-Napoca, ROMANIA 



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