When we ask from what it is made an object, actually we ask about chemistry.

Chemistry is a main science because of its fundamental role in explanation, prediction and control of the components of our material world.

Chemical Engineering is based on understanding the chemistry in view to design, build and operate processes that give products such as: petroleum fuels, plastics, pharmaceuticals, insecticides, paints, a wide range of foods, cosmetics or computer chip.

Graduates "Chemistry" can occupy positions such as chemists in laboratories for tracking product quality, analysis chemists, biochemists, teachers, organic and inorganic synthesis chemists in research and development institutes, nutritionist chemists, representatives of companies that provide/sales specific equipment and reagents.

Graduates of "Chemical engineering" can be validate at all levels of an industrial or medium and small type company: supplying and preparing of raw materials, production stages, analyzing and ensuring product quality, packaging, sale, research and development, environmental protection and management society. Employers in the chemical, petrochemical, building materials, food, cosmetics, automotive, but also in the production of special materials, bioengineering, bio/medicine and genetic engineering industries are interested to use the skills acquired by our chemists engineers.