The research activities are carried out in a research laboratory fully equipped for the synthesis of unstable compounds under inert atmosphere. (lab. 203, Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering).

EQUIPMENT NAME: LABstar Glove Box Workstation

DESCRIPTION: Used for handling of moisture and air sensitive compounds under inert (Ar) atmosphere. The Glove box systems has: interior working dimensions of 1200 x 780 x 920 mm (WxDxH); adjustable metal shelves; 2 antechambers (390x 600 mm and 120 x 400 mm); O2 and H2O analyzers (0-500 ppm and 0-1000 ppm); HEPA filters; PLC controlled gas purifying system.

LABstar Glove Box Workstation

EQUIPMENT NAME: Automatic Solvent Purification System (MB-SPS-800-AUTO)

DESCRIPTION: Automated solvent purifying system with 5 working lines (THF, Dichloromethane, toluene, diethyl ether and pentane), with automated control system assured through a touchpanel. The system can dispense up to 17 liters per solvent line (the maximum capacity of the solvent tanks), with a maximum flow of 2 liters per minute.

Automatic Solvent Purification System (MB-SPS-800-AUTO)

EQUIPMENT NAME: Controlled atmosphere working stations (using Ar as inert gas)

DESCRIPTION: The laboratory has 4 fumehood workstations equipped with Vacuum/inert gas manifold systems (Schlenk lines). All workstations are equipped with double stage vacuum pumps (10-4mBar) outfitted with electronic manometers.

Double manifold systems (using Ar as inert gas)

For the physical-chemical characterization of the obtained derivatives, the research group has unlimited access to the specific infrastructure at the Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering (InfraChem-FCIC) as well as the infrastructure of the Research Center on Fundamental and Applied Heterochemistry.
For the computational studies (including the theoretical characterization of the new obtained derivatives), the group uses the facilities of the IBM high performance computing cluster (70 blades, each with 2xQuadCore 4GHz CPU's, 2X160GB HDD, 4x2GB RAM memory, storage server 3TB), as an integral part of the research centre.