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Contract number 257/2011

National Authority: UEFISCDI




Multifunctional nanostructures formed of gold or silver nanoparticles and different biomolecules with medical applications - NANOMED


Nanostructuri multifuncţionale formate din nanoparticule de aur sau argint şi diferite biomolecule cu aplicaţii medicale - NANOMED 

















·   National Authority: Executive Unit for Financing Higher Education, Research,

     Development and Innovation (UEFISCDI).

·   Contract number: 257/5 October 2011


·   Project codePN-II-ID-PCE-2011-3-0853

·   Summary

The fundamental goal of NANOMED project is the research and development of polyfunctional nanostructures, composed from bioactive compounds, like proteins, chitosan or anti-cancer, anti-oxidant or anesthetic compounds, in absence or in presence of gold or silver nanoparticles. Results have applications in nanotechnology and nanomedicine, for analytical detection of diverse organic molecules in pharmaceutical and industrial environment as well as for drug delivery systems. General and specific objectives are physical and chemical characterization of polyfunctional nanostructures by thermodynamic methods, mainly calorimetry (DSC-TA), advanced spectrometry (UV-VIS, FT-IR, Raman, NMR) and microscopy methods (AFM, STM, SEM, TEM); study of molecular and colloidal self-association processes in aqueous solutions by zeta sizer and at air/water and aqueous solution/solid interfaces by Langmuir-Blodgett technique coupled with AFM; characterization of interactions between protein molecules (protein from barley aleurone cells or collagen type I),  chitosan, and anti-cancer (fluorouracyl and doxorubicin), anti-oxidant (lipoic acid, quercetin or deferoxamine) or anesthetic (procaine, tetracaine or dibucaine) compounds and gold or silver nanoparticles. By this multi-disciplinary research, the project will bring an important contribution to the understanding of the processes on the base of molecular recognition in biological systems with applications in the diagnostic and treatment of cancer.

·   Importance

·   The investigations to be accomplished represent an absolute priority both on national and global scale. The supramolecular systems to be obtained based on protein and chitosan present a high degree of complexity, taking account also of the complexity of conformations for the BAP protein molecules, which are quite flexible, as compared with the rigid nucleic acids molecules. Using proteins in the fabrication process by molecular or colloidal self assembling, both in solution and at interfaces, confers specific electrical and optical properties to the metal-polymeric nanostructures.

·   By obtaining all the expected results, most important information will be brought about regarding: ♦the elucidation of interaction processes at molecular level, self association or organization in supramolecular polyfunctional biosystems, composed of proteins, polysaccharide and anesthetics, anticancer or antioxidant compounds in absence or in presence of noble metal (gold or silver) nanoparticles ♦identification and clarification of molecular association processes between biopolymers and anticancer drugs, anesthetics, and antioxidant compounds.


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