The complex and interdisciplinary character of the project implies the following sequential division of the planed activity in work packages (WPs):


      WP 1: Definition of the main design characteristics of the innovative schemes for CO2 capture to be evaluated in the project. The project will evaluate using modelling and experimental work industrial energy conversion systems (total and partial oxidation) having the following characteristics: production capacity in the range of 400 – 500 MW electricity, decarbonised energy vectors poly-generation capabilities, carbon capture rate (min. 90 %), fossil and renewable fuels.

      WP 2: Design, set-up, commissioning and operating of a laboratory scale testing facility for experimental evaluations of chemical looping systems (testing oxygen carriers, reactors designs, process conditions, scale-up analysis etc.) with a focus on calcium based systems. Considering the short time frame of the project (2 years), an objective evaluation would consider only design, construction and beginning the testing campaign of chemical looping experimental facility.  

      WP 3: Conceptual design of innovative energy conversion schemes based on chemical looping for decarbonised energy vectors generation (power, hydrogen, heat), mathematical modeling and simulation of developed energy conversion schemes with carbon capture, model validation using experimental results from own laboratory (in case that experimental testing facility will be fully operational in the project time frame), collaboration with other universities and institutions or collected from the literature and evaluation of mass and energy integration issues.

      WP 4: Techno-economical and environmental evaluations of energy conversion processes with carbon capture by chemical looping systems. The techno-economical and environmental evaluations for energy conversion processes with chemical looping based carbon capture will form the core of feasibility study for implementing these systems in pilot and demonstrative plants.