Project objectives

        In order to achieve the recovery of Cu and NMF from WPCBBs under laboratory relevant process conditions ECOTEC_RCu_WPCBB will implement the following main objectives:

  • Determine the most feasible technological solution for the liberation of Cu in the pre-treatment of WPCBBs;

  • Identify and evaluate the technical approaches for the separation of the NMF usable for composite material production;

  • Establish the most feasible regenerable leaching agents for the dissolution of Cu from the pre-treated WPCBBs;

  • Identify the most adequate leaching reactor and operating conditions for Cu dissolution;

  • Perform experimental studies regarding the electrowinning of Cu and regeneration of the leaching agent;

  • Integrate all the designed sub-systems into the Cu and NMF recovery process;

  • Assess the environmental impact of the integrated and optimized Cu and NMF recovery process from WPCBBs;

  • Disseminate results and protect intellectual property rights.


            The implementation of the objectives will lead to the development of an innovative and ecofriendly process for the recovery of Cu and NMF from WPCBBs, including several original and innovative results, among which the most important are the following:

  • Ensure a complete recovery/recycling of Cu and NMF from WPCBBs;

  • Avoid the generation of auxiliary streams with negative environmental impact by using mediated electrochemical processes and regenerable leaching agents;

  • Superior performances for the recovery of both Cu and NMF in comparison to other processes found in the literature;

  • Significant decrease of energy consumption and the amount of new reagents fed to the process;

  • Lower carbon footprint than in the case of other processes applied for Cu and NMF recovery from WPCBBs.

  • Project reports (Romanian)

  •      Scientific and tehnical Report 2018


  •      Scientific and tehnical Report 2019



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