The Doctoral School of Chemical Engineering at Babeș Bolyai University of Cluj Napoca aims to train specialists in the chemistry and chemical engineering of processes, based on applied research in the areas:
  • Design of chemical plants, modeling, optimization and control, chemical reaction engineering, transfer processes in the chemical industryș
  • Design and thermal integration of processes, energy conversion systems; carbon capture, use and storage technologies; renewable energy sources; technical-economic and environmental assessment of industrial processes;
  • Advanced control of chemical processes; the use of artificial intelligence for mathematical modeling; control and optimization of applications in chemical engineering;
  • Electrochemical engineering, electrosynthesis, electrometallurgy and applications of electrochemical engineering in environmental protection, non-polluting waste recycling technologies and energy generation and regeneration;
  • Synthesis and characterization of materials and bio-materials with redox or electrocatalytic properties, bio-compatibility of redox materials, materials for controlled release of drugs and electrochemical investigation techniques;
  • Wastewater treatment and recovery of resources from them, using the support of tools specific to information technology; modeling and control of pollutant propagation processes in running waters.
The doctoral school of Chemical Engineering carries out its activity based on the following regulations: