Department presentation

The development of modern society can not be conceived without the contribution of Chemical Engineering on which the application of the discoveries in chemistry and their practical implementation for the benefit of the human community rests.

The Department of Chemical Engineering stands for and continues the tradition of almost four decades of higher technical education in chemical engineering at Alma Mater Napocensis.

Nowadays, production of the vast majority of goods and services involves chemical processes. Chemical engineering includes applications of manufacturing or processing of almost every item of our daily lives. For example drinking water, pulp and paper, medicine, polyethylene, automobiles, steel, sulfuric acid, energy, solvents, dyes, enzymes, pheromones, cement, textiles, beverages or the waste processing and recovery are all results of chemical engineering.

All produced chemicals as well as chemical processes must meet the growing demands for quality, for saving raw materials - especially energy - but also care for our environment. Solutions to these challenges are offered by the know-how of chemical engineering, a scientific area that has the great honor as well as responsibility to discover and give life to these aspects.

The team of teachers and researchers from the Department of Chemical Engineering are one of the determining factors for discovering responses and solutions to the challenges mentioned above.

This is achieved by two main ways:

  • Firstly by ensuring a high level of education of future specialists in the fields of chemical engineering and chemistry at all levels of university education: Bachelor, Masters and PhD.
  • And secondly, by research activity that serves to solve practical problems and contributes to the development of fundamental knowledge.

The various teaching and research activities, projects, achievements and collaboration offered within the Department of Chemical Engineering are presented within this site.

Prof.dr.eng. TURDEAN Graziella
Director of the Department of Chemical Engineering